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    Stephanie Nadler
    Vendredi 15 Juin à 03:49

    I could not get things translated but I just wanted to tell you how much I adore you and your work. You are awesome! Your tubes look so real and beautiful! I wish I could get them all. But little by little, maybe one day I may. I love the color you picked for your blog! Purple is my favorite color! Maybe one day I can you to make a picture of my grandchildren. They mean so much to me!


    Stephanie Jane Nadler

    email: stephanienadler1@gmail.com

      • Jeudi 21 Juin à 13:23

        A big  thanks for your comment, you're welcome yes

    Mercredi 23 Mai à 17:54

    Fabulous Blog, (I adore the color - It's my favorite! lol)

    and the new tubes are Amazing!!  I look forward to what you'll be doing this

    summer! I'll send in a few of my tags I did with your gorgeous tubes!

    Thank you for all you do & Please......Keep Doing It!



    Lundi 21 Mai à 17:03

    magnifique blog j'adore amitier Danyblue

    Lundi 14 Mai à 22:27

    Coucou Chris Pastel, 

    Woww bravo pour ton blog il est superbe, j'adore tout comme tes jolis tubes !!!

    Bienvenue sur Eklablog :) 

    Bonne soirée, bisous Stéphanie.


      • Mercredi 16 Mai à 12:50

        Merci , heureuse qu'il te plaise, bisoushappy

    Lundi 14 Mai à 15:40

    Awesome Site !!! Thank You for Sharing

    Lundi 14 Mai à 11:29

    Merci ma belle, ca fonctionne


    Lundi 14 Mai à 11:06

    c'est sublime



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